Whether you require local newspaper advertising in Sydney or a national advertising campaign across Australia, Virtual Advertising has the experience in print advertising to help you.

Newspapers allow a consumer to absorb your advertisement on a one-to-one basis, yet, due to the large volume of papers being read, target a wide section of society. By placing your newspaper ad in the correct paper, we can target specific demographic groups.

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Organic Expo 09

As part of the Organic Expo advertising campaign we produced quarter page advertisements for eight local newspapers as well as a three quarter page advertisement which ran in The Age.

Project Screenshots:
Organic Expo Advertising
Catalina St Ives Press Advertising

Catalina St Ives is an eco-friendly building development.

The company approached us to create a series of advertisements they wished to run in the Jewish News, a paper they believed was their ideal target audience.

To stand out from the clutter of other property advertisements, we developed a fresh look and feel for their company.

Project Screenshots:
Catalina St Ives Press Advertising
oraché saltbush-fed lamb

As part of the brand development for oraché, we developed point of sale posters and a magazine ad. We also produced brochures, the logo, merchandise, packaging stickers and more collateral.

You can view the magazine advertisement by clicking the image to the right. the rest of the material for oraché can be found on our portfolio page.

Project Screenshots:
orache saltbush-fed lamb Advertising


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