Advertising on bus sides, bus backs and other bus advertising

Bus advertising is a fantastic way to gain high impact awareness of your company or product.

You can either use bus advertising in a short burst, big campaign to launch a new business or product or as a long term campaign to increase brand awareness.

Buses are a very cost effective way to keep your advertising message in the market place.

With bus advertising you can advertise inside the bus, there is bus side advertising, bus back advertising, complete bus advertising wraps and a host of other bus advertising solutions.

To inspire you, below is a collection of some of the more creative bus advertising campaigns from around the world.


Monster Jobs - Are you in the wrong job?




Insurance company advertisement that was put on the back of the bus






Clean up the streets - back of bus











Creative and Clever Bus Advertising

Client Testimonial

Our ideas were implemented in creative, cost efficient and effective strategies. Total commitment in working closely with our team to understand our business and requirements. Virtual Advertising delivered on every front.

Trevor Goodman,
Chief Financial Officer,
King Of Knives

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